* 数控系统选用西门子Siemens 808D为标准配置,带USB接口,功能强大,稳定可靠;

* 米汉纳铸铁经过时效处理品质高、变形小

* 采用独立主轴单元,确保主轴具有良好的运动精度、刚度和稳定性;

* 高精度滚珠丝杠,动态性能良好,精度高;

* X轴采用整体双向滚珠丝杠,双旋轮正反向精密同步;

* 进给轴采用伺服电机控制,定位精度高;

* 伺服调速,确保主轴低速时的力矩输出;

* 液压尾座,液压移动和夹紧;

* 集中自动润滑系统,润滑可靠;

* 配置冷却泵,为加工提供强制冷却;

* 移动式电子手轮,简单、易用;

* 外观半封闭式安全防护,避免了冷却液的飞溅,提供安全洁净的工作环境。




* 发那科、西门子、广州数控、北京凯恩帝等品牌的数控系统


Purpose of Machine Tool:

GR-SP series CNC Spinning and Turning Machine(Double Roller) is especially developed to spin kitchenwares, lamps, auto fittings, ventilations and art wares. It has many patents issued by the State Intellectual Property Office.This machine is practical, professional and strong. It has high production efficiency and can complete horn, bucket, cone type, parabolic products. It can also process threading, trimming, flanging and rolling at the same machine tool. The machine can spin many materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel,aluminum and copper etc. It has solved the traditional problems such as lack of skilled workers. With advanced digital control, it is easy to operate. The machine can improve the production efficiency, machining accuracy and saving the cost of human resources. It is the ideal processing machine for light,

automobile, military, mechanic and other manufacturing industries.


Standard Configurations & Main Features:

* Siemens 808D as standard CNC system which has USB port.

* Meehanite cast iron after aging treatment, with high quality and less deformation.

* Adopted independent spindle unit to ensure good movement precision, stiffness and stability.

* Precision ball screws ensure dynamic performance well and positioning accurately.

* X axis adopts integral two-way ball screw, 2 rollers move in synchronization.

* Feeding axles are driven by servo motors.

* Spindle motor is Servo controlled.

* Hydraulic tailstock. Mobile and clamp by hydraulic system.

* Integrated automatic lubrication system makes the maintenance more reliable.

* Configuration cooling pump.

* Mobile manual pulse generator makes easy to operate.

* Semi-enclosed shield.


Optional Accessories (Extra Price):

* NC system such as FANUC,SIEMENS,GSK or KND is available for your selection.